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open !

Hello! I'm kouincidents, but you can call me Kou!!

I'm a Texas based freelance artist that works mostly in providing people with custom commission work. My experience spans across several group projects, such as zines, game design, and soon to be merchandise work. Thank you so much for visiting me!

If you're interested in purchasing a commission from me, please feel free to browse any of the links below!

🌸sketch commissions

Fullbody35 usd
Waist-Up25 usd
Bust20 usd
+Color+25 usd
Additional Characters+ base price per character

🌸flat color commissions

Fullbody60 usd
Waist-Up50 usd
Headshot40 usd
Chibi30 usd
Additional Characters+ base price per character

🌸full color commissions

Fullbody90 usd
Waist-Up80 usd
Headshot70 usd
Chibi50 usd
Additional Characters+ base price per character

🌸Persona5 Style portraits

Each Portrait25 usd
Set of 475 usd

🌸display icons

Each Icon25 usd
Set of 475 usd

🌸character sheets

includes 2 fullbodies + 3 expressions/simple chibis!
all pieces will be flat colored!

base price100 usd
+poses/fullbodies (sketch)+15 usd each
+poses/fullbodies (flats)+25 usd each
extra expressions+10 usd each


ways to contact me

If you are interested, or even unsure of my guidelines, please feel free to ask me all the questions you'd like!

I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I am uncomfortable or disagree with the terms.


  • When recieving an invoice, you will be given the option to issue partial payment. I will begin your commission when 50% of the price is paid.

  • I will provide a wip of your commission after finishing sketch/composition for checking purposes. If you have any changes to be made, they will be fixed in this stage, free of charge!

  • If you would like further wips, feel free to ask me for them, but please know that will make your commission take longer!

  • When cancelling a commission, instead of a refund of the 50% initial fee, you will receive a cleaned sketch of your commission as a thank you! In the case of sketch commissions, they must be paid in full upon order and will be refunded fully upon cancellation.

Thank you so much for reading!

information needed when contacting

  • username / contact name / social media handle

  • commission type ( ex. full color , fullbody , 2 characters )

  • references ( preferrably an imgur or sta.sh link. Please make sure the character's design is clear to the point that I am to draw them. Incomplete references will incur a fee. )

  • any ideas or information I might need to keep in mind

  • paypal email

surcharges & discounts

  • Incomplete Reference material will incur a 10% design fee.

  • Any request with a deadline of two weeks or less will incur a 30% priority fee.

  • Semi-complicated backgrounds will have a 10-20% fee added based on complexity.

  • Complicated designs will also add a 10-20% fee based on complexity.

  • Patrons in the 'Ghost Pupper' tier on my pateron will receive a 10% discount on their order upon showing proof of membership!


  • Fandom Characters

  • Groups of 3-5

  • 80% humanoid characters

  • OC's

  • FFXIV Characters

  • Pokemon


  • NSFW

  • Idealogically Sensetive material

  • Mechs such as gundams, transformers, etc


How long would a commission take?

  • Depending on my own circumstances, time of year, and complexity of the order, full/flat color pieces should take anywhere from 1-3 months. (Holidays and mid-june are currently the most hectic time of year for me!)

  • In the case of sketches, chibis, icons, or portraits, they should take between 2 weeks to 1 month.

Can I ask for my art by a certain time?

  • Of course! I would recommend that you plan to commission me at least one and a half months in advance so there are as few issues as possible.

  • If you DO need the art by a certain time, please make sure to tell me so I can mark it down in my notes.

  • If you commission me the within two weeks of your piece's deadline, I will charge an extra fee of 50% of whatever you order.

What are the details of using my commission?

  • Upon finishing, you will receive a high resolution copy of your art with both transparent and white background.

  • You may use this art for an icon, social media banner, PERSONAL blog image resources, etc. with credit.

  • You may NOT use your commission to profit in any way, shape, or form unless there has been a formal agreement stating otherwise.

  • I retain the rights to any and all commissions I create and will be posting them on my social media, deviant art, etc.